Top Management. The Power of Your Personality.

You are a top decision maker in your organization. Your professional competence is beyond any doubt; your mission is to assure the success of your company. You are respected in your field and what you say is taken seriously. You are a capable crisis manager who sets the course for a successful future.

In times of uncertainty you make strong decisions and take responsibility for these actions. What you need is to win the commitment of everyone in your organization in order to optimize processes and find innovative and creative solutions to overcome the challenges ahead.

You want to reach out to others, convince and empower them. To achieve this you need to apply the full power of your personality. The key is confidence.

Confidence attracts, inspires and motivates others. It radiates competence, innovative thinking and creativity. But in a world where few things are certain, confidence is at risk of being disrupted by circumstances. Therefore confidence must mean being able to handle uncertainties with conviction and steadiness. This begins in our heads and requires development, reflection, and further evolvement. It also needs nurturing through constant learning, training and manifestation. My coaching empowers you to radiate assurance in times of uncertainty. This helps to create a safe and motivating environment that inspires others along the way.

Angelika Leder

My clients are numbers-oriented executives and top managers. I hold workshops and seminars, give lectures, and have written numerous publications on the personal development of numbers-oriented people. I advise highly intelligent numbers-, target-, and success-oriented managers. My coaching helps to develop a strong and charismatic personality. Many years of working with numbers-oriented managers have given me profound insights into what you need to be successful, and what facilitates your way to the top.

My professional experience includes leadership responsibility in national and international public relations, supported by my academic background in philosophy. Both significantly influence the content and style of my consulting practice. My current home is in Frankfurt, Germany, but I have lived and worked in the United States, and am familiar with many cultures worldwide.


Coaching and Consulting

Clarity, Confidence and Flexibility. The Power of Your Personality.

You want to unfold the true power of your personality to reach, convince and empower others? This strength relies on confidence. Confidence requires clarity about your own position, task and role. It is crucial to explore and understand your own concerns, visions and intentions for the company, to know what you stand for and what message you want to send out to the company’s various stakeholders. This can be very challenging. But you don’t have to tackle it alone. I will provide you with in-depth guidance and support throughout this process.

Once you have gained clarity about yourself, confidence and certainty will follow. Confidence empowers you to inspire others and strengthen their trust in themselves. It gives you the ability to act with conviction in uncertain times and under the worst possible conditions. It creates the firm knowledge that there is always a meaningful path ahead. By gaining more confidence, you can become a role model for others. It is possible to learn and train such skills. Coaching helps.

Confidence and certainty create flexibility and openness. The wish to learn from others becomes a mindset; asking questions the preferred approach. If you are confident and know yourself, there’s no need to ward off, depreciate or fight against anything. Instead, you will find common ground, with the positive sides of your personality taking charge. Your leadership will be characterized by empathy, elegance and generosity. You will create a culture in which individual skills and abilities are recognized, appreciated and nurtured, and responsibilities passed on; a culture that fosters innovation, creativity and agility, and that gives your company what it most needs: dedication and commitment.


Individual coaching,
coaching for dual leadership

Topics: The power of personality, influence, leadership, focus on relationships, corporate culture
Circumstances: complex change processes, promotion, transition, appearance, onboarding

Coaching for leadership teams
and committees

Topics: The power of personality, team play, strength-oriented team culture, improving cooperation
Circumstances: Cultivating joint actions, developing synergies

Seminars and workshops

Topics: Leadership, team development, executives as coaches, attitude
Circumstances: Agile work processes, team play, conflict resolution

New placement

Career moves: identifying competencies, strengths, values, missions, personal branding and goals; planning and implementing effective steps to a new position; job selection and onboarding coaching


  • Senior Coach DBVC
  • Senior Coach IOBC
  • Reiss Profile, MBTI, Extended DISC

My book about numbers-oriented managers.

My clients are highly intelligent, analytical and quick thinkers. They are more focused on targets and results than on people and emotions. With their strength they generate impressive results in life and business and there is still great potential to be unfolded. Focusing more on the power of ones own personality and the ability to handle uncertainty with confidence can unleash enormous potential. Corporate success is more connected to commitment, innovation, creativity and agility than to fear and worry.

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More detailed information is available in my book about the triggers and catalysts for numbers-oriented people. The German version was first published in 2012 by Hanser Verlag and will be reprinted shortly.

Available at Amazon (almost sold out; new edition coming soon)



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